The BpS Review

The LANDFIRE Program provides two opportunities to review and provide feedback on Biophysical Settings (BpS) Models and Descriptions: Individual BpS Review and Macro BpS Review. All interested parties are invited to participate in either or both opportunities. Each opportunity is briefly described below. Follow the appropriate link for more details and instructions.

Check the status of the BpS review in your area on the Progress tab.

Individual BpS Review

This opportunity is designed to facilitate the review of the detailed text description and state-and-transition model parameters for individual LANDFIRE BpS models and descriptions. Go to Individual BpS Reviews.

Macro BpS Reviews

Many BpS types span large areas (e.g., Intermountain Sagebrush shrublands) necessitating regional variants. The macro review is designed to facilitate a review of how LANDFIRE BpS models and descriptions relate to one another across a large geography. In the macro reviews we are looking for feedback on our current collection of variants for selected BpS groups to address questions such as “Do the selected BpS models, as a group, reflect environmental factors such as moisture gradients or topography?” Go to Macro BpS Reviews.