Macro BpS Review

LANDFIRE BpS models and descriptions were developed by local or regional experts individually by map zone. There was only a minimal opportunity at that time, or since, to see how different BpS models and descriptions relate to one another. Do the BpS models and descriptions make ecological sense, or regional sense?

To begin to answer these questions, the TNC LANDFIRE Team selected a small number of key model sets that we believe may be improved by a “macro” review process. We identified what we think are key questions and developed tailored materials to support macro reviews of the BpS listed in the sidebar. Follow the relevant link for the review materials.

More key model sets for macro review will be added to this list over time. Please visit and participate as often as you can. This is your chance to improve this important LANDFIRE Program product.

Because of their unique situations, we have already begun some macro reviews with regional experts that will not have their review materials on this website.

We welcome your participation in either of these macro reviews. If you would like to contribute, please email

What happens next?

Thanks for your review! The LANDFIRE team will review your comments as soon as possible and contact you with any questions. All comments and suggestions will be documented and made available to the public, but the LANDFIRE team will make the final decision on how review comments are incorporated into the revised BpS model set. Look for revised descriptions and models available online in 2016.