Individual BpS Review

LANDFIRE BpSs are described and modeled. Everything you need to review a BpS is contained within the BpS description document, including all the information from the simulation model. Use the instructions provided here to get started, and contact us anytime with questions.

Check the status of the BpS review in your area on the Progress tab.

Review Instructions

  1. Watch a short video overview about reviewing a BpS Description.
  2. Get your BpS description(s). Please be patient, as loading the spreadsheet may take some time. If you can’t find the document you are looking for please send an e-mail to
  3. Review and edit the description in your word processing program.
  4. Submit your review document via email to

What happens next?

Thanks for your review! The LANDFIRE team will review your comments as soon as possible and contact you with any questions. All comments and suggestions will be documented and made available to the public, but the LANDFIRE team will make the final decision on how review comments are incorporated into the revised BpS model set. Look for revised descriptions and models available online in 2016.