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The initial deadline to submit Biophysical Settings reviews has passed, but LANDFIRE encourages continued review of the models and descriptions and welcomes your comments at any time. Reviews will be considered for inclusion in the next version of the models and descriptions if possible, but will definitely be compiled for consideration later as we move toward a continuous improvement process for the BpS models and descriptions. Multiply your impact, share your expertise, and keep the momentum going.

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All ecosystems are dynamic, changing due to growth, succession and disturbances. Modeling large landscapes in the United States requires the collective knowledge of experienced and knowledgeable vegetation and fire experts. In collaboration with hundreds of colleagues, LANDFIRE produced more than 1,000 state-and-transitions models and descriptions — one for every ecosystem (called Biophysical Settings or BpS) mapped by the Program. The result is a major contribution to basic and applied vegetation ecology across the country.

LANDFIRE models and descriptions represent how Biophysical Settings looked and worked prior to major European settlement. These models and descriptions are used in research and play a part in national vegetation mapping and assessment and on-the-ground management across the country. A new phase is underway as LANDFIRE deepens and broadens the science and applicability of those models and descriptions.

The engagement in the the improvement of LANDFIRE’s “encyclopedia of ecosystems” has been enthusiastic. When LANDFIRE reached a high mark of 4,000 Biophysical Settings (BpS) review documents downloaded, keeping the momentum going gained importance. Our goal is to develop a “continuous improvement” process where updated BpS models are delivered on a periodic basis.

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Where You Fit In

LANDFIRE is updating the BpS models and descriptions and invites you to help improve this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive and unique encyclopedia of ecological knowledge. If you participate in our crowdsourcing of BpS, you will meet new people, learn about the models and descriptions and contribute to a product that influences vegetation management across the U.S.

Because LANDFIRE is based on the best scientific knowledge available, your contributions will be read and reviewed with an eye for accuracy and insight. All major changes will be corroborated with peer-reviewed literature, data and/or other experts.

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